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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Findaspot app free?
Yes, the app is free to download and use! And there are no in-app purchases or ads!
Where can I get Findaspot for my Android device?
Findaspot is now available on the Google Play Store.
How does Findaspot calculate its geographical midpoints?
In order to accommodate a variety of use cases, we have two ways for determining our geographical midpoint.

Route-center (default): we query traffic patterns and directional routes to find the fastest route connecting the submitted coordinates. From this route, we determine a center point on the route. This is our most common method, as it follows roadways, and searches those for locations to meet. This method works best for medium and long distances, but when used for shorter distances (under 15km), it may result in center points avoiding heavy traffic areas, leading to out-of-the-way results.

Geo-center: we find the geo-coordinate between all submitted coordinates. This is useful for finding meeting places within short distances of each other. This method will not always return good results, as the geo-center may be in the middle of a lake, an ocean, or a national park.

Why does Findaspot show Coffee & Tea spots by default?
When you first download Findaspot, Coffee & Tea and other Yelp categories are listed first by default. To customize Findaspot so your favorite categories are shown first, simply set them up in the Personalize section of your profile. There, you may select up to 3 Top Categories to always be shown first in your Findaspot results.
How do I get my friends on Findaspot? What is the Invite a Friend button in my profile for?
From your profile, tap Invite a Friend to share Findaspot with others so they can check it out and download.

Once enough users have invited their friends and colleagues to join the app, we will unlock direct friend-to-friend location sharing, saving you time by removing the need to enter their locations. The Location Visibility setting allows you to determine how friends will see your location.
What does the Location Visibility setting do?
If you decide to use your Current Location as your Origin, Findaspot will use your exact location when calculating spots for you. You will always see what Findaspot thinks your exact location is, shown as a blue dot.

In your profile, your Location Visibility setting shows how your location would appear to others if Findaspot were being accessed within another app, such as a dating app or a scheduling app.

You may set your Location Visibility to one of three settings:
Hidden - completely hides your location from other people (but not from Findaspot, so you can still use it)
General - represents your location as being away from, but in the vicinity of, your actual location
Specific - shows others your exact GPS location

In the future, your Location Visibilty setting will also apply to how those you connect with directly in the Findaspot app would see your location. Once enough users have invited their friends and colleagues to join the app, we will unlock this direct friend-to-friend location sharing capability.

Is my personal data private?
All algorithms occur in the cloud, ensuring privacy for all users. Our full privacy policy and terms of use are available here.
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