Meet Everyone Halfway.
Findaspot's patented APIs eliminate the guesswork in answering:
"Where should we meet?"
The Fastest Way to Meet in the Middle
Utilizing current traffic conditions, we find the fastest route between all waypoints to find the center point by travel time.
The Best Results based on User Preferences
Users can pick a top-rated Yelp spot based on their favorite types of places, or the preferences of the user they're meeting.
Privacy and Security for Everyone
Users can change their location visibility for each app connected to Findspot, choosing to hide, approximate, or provide the exact area of their saved locations. We never share a user's current location.
Try it out on our app
Check out the experience as a user would, and start finding the best meeting places around you.
Multiple Origins
Find a spot between up to five different Starting Places
Different Middles
Find the middle based on traffic conditions, or via straight line
Popular Categories
Search for a spot based on over 10,000 pre-defined categories
Custom Search
Search for a specific restaurant or type of spot
Common Filters
Focus on a narrow subset of results for specific user needs
Save Favorites
Highlight your favorite spots to easily find them in the future